Afenginn is a band from Denmark. They play high energy Nordic folk with elements of "classical composition, Balkan ball music & gypsy fun & perhaps klezmer" throwing in fast polkas and ska-like elements in a "whole new combination called by the group bastard-ethno". In 2005 Afenginn won the "Best world album" at the Danish World Awards, for the album Retrograd. Their second commercial album, Akrobakkus, was released 19 February 2006. At the release party of Akrobakkus it was announced that Andrzej Krejniuk, the Polish-born bass guitarist, would withdraw from the band. During the release party, there was a secret vote for a new bass guitarist (the vote was disguised as a question in a competition), and Aske Jacoby was announced as the new bass guitarist. After the inclusion of Aske Jacoby, Afenginn's music has become more jazzy.

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