Anguilla Project

Anguilla Project

The idea of Anguilla Project was born at the beginning of 2007. Behind this alias they produce many kinds of trance music putting a strong accent on uplifting and progressive. Anguilla team is created by two brothers. Elder Julian was born in 1983. He being even a child showed big interest in club-music. He was a great fan of Bad boy Bill, Carl Cox , Paul van Dyk etc. Seeing the atmosphere on parties, he wanted to be a DJ himself, and he realized his ambitions. Younger Mateusz is 15. The passion of music he received from elder brother. They’ve started making music in 2003. Since that time they were producing music under nicknames such as: Dreamwave vs. Basswoofer, Project Logical, Skytech. Despite little successes they were keeping music-making and as Anguilla Project they became signed to Conspiracy Recordings.

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