Ayub Ogada

Ayub Ogada is a musician from Kenya. Ogada is one of the Luo people of Western Kenya, and he received his first exposure to Western culture early on. When he was six, his parents (also musicians), toured the college circuit in the U.S. Ogada then returned to Kenya with his parents, and was educated in a Catholic school, then an English boarding school. After finishing school, he played for several years in a Kenyan group called African Heritage Band, which fused traditional music with the sounds of rock and soul that Ogada and bandmates heard regularly on the radio. In 1986, he decided to take his talents abroad. Armed with his nyatiti (a lyre-like stringed instrument), he went to the U.K., and played on the streets for money. After the better part of a year, he was approached and asked to play at Peter Gabriel's WOMAD festival. In 1993, he was invited to Gabriel's Realworld Studios, where he recorded his first album, En Mane Kuoyo (Just Sand). He continues to tour extensively with WOMAD. (taken from his Myspace page) The singer, he also performs on the traditional east African stringed instrument, the nyatiti and is a highly accomplished djembe player. Of the Luo people, he was born in Mombasa. Ogada co-founded the African Heritage Band in 1979 and played kit drums, bass and percussion for many years before departing for London, England, where he initially occasionally busked London streets, singing accompianied by Nyatiti and leg rattle or ankle bells.

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Koth Biro (Feat. Ayub Ogada)
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