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Bryce, a typical teenage (just like one of us) makes and produces music that is very energetic and good beat. It's light and always nice to hear. With the tehcno/hardcore feel it makes it right for any person of what age to hear. "We like how the music is nice and techno, its definitely good for all ages, I recommended" Lauren Lee student body president on queens town. The music started out by a former teen named Bryce. What else more can we say about Bryce. Hes a nice young man. His music style follow of his style and not to be trashed like a bad company. The music started when a former Bryce, ha ha we said Bryce again. Like we really care that we said Bryce again. But lets get on track. Check out his music its a very good thing.

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Let The Music Play
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From Hell To Heaven
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Bounce (Remixes)

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