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Carla Bozulich is an American musician based in Los Angeles, known for her work as the lead singer, lyricist and founder of both The Geraldine Fibbers and Evangelista and as a founding member of Ethyl Meatplow. Her 2006 album, Evangelista, was released by Constellation Records, that label's first release by a non-Canadian artist. In 2007, she also named her ever-evolving touring group "Evangelista" eventually recruiting bassist Tara Barnes and keyboardist/sampler Dominic Cramp as permanent band members. However, the rest of the lineup of Evangelista as a recording, performing and touring band changes each time they play or record. In keeping with this change, the albums Hello, Voyager and Prince of Truth were released under the band name Evangelista, as will the upcoming album In Animal Tongue. Bozulich has also been involved in other projects, including collaborations with Francesco Guerri and Sarah Lipstate. In addition to singing and composing music, she is known to play guitar and work with samples and sound experimentation. She was born in New York City.

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