Craft is a Swedish black metal band, originally formed under the name "Nocta" in 1994. As Nocta they recorded an unreleased demo in 1997 and subsequently changed their name to "Craft". While musically inspired by early black metal acts such as Burzum and Darkthrone, as well as Heavy Metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Celtic Frost, their lyrics tend not to deal with themes common in the genre (such as paganism and anti-Christian blasphemy), but rather focus on misanthropy, destruction, hate, Anti Cosmic Satanism and death resembling the older lyrics of melodic black metal band Dissection. After drummer Daniel Halén was fired from the band in 2005, the remaining members briefly considered putting the band on indefinite hold, but decided to continue and address his replacement in the future. In 2008 Dirge Rep (Gehenna, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Enslaved) joined the band on session basis to work on the drums for the coming album which is due for release August 2011.

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Tempus Fugit EP
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