Datura is an electronic band from Bologna, Italy. It was created in 1991 by the musicians Ciro Pagano and Stefano Mazzavillani (ex-members of the Italian electro pop group "Gaznevada", one of the Italian pop groups of the decade of 1980) and the DJs Ricci (Riccardo Testoni) who is now deceased, and Cirillo (Carlo Andrea Raggi), who is one of Italy's most famous DJs and continues to work in Italy, Ibiza, Morocco, and England. The first single was "Nu Style", in the summer of 1991, followed by smash-hits as "Yerba Del Diablo", a cover of Visage's Fade to Grey and "Eternity". With "Angeli Domini", in 1995, DJ Ricci has left the group for other more techno independent projects. The name "Datura" is taken from an hallucinogen plant used by the Yaqui tribe to see and talk with the gods in a "visionary trip".

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