Daze was a Danish Eurodance/Bubblegum dance band whose 1997 debut album Super Heroes became a double platinum international hit. The band was a trio composed of Lucas Seiber, Jesper Tønnov, and Trine Bix, and their style of "zany" "turbo-pop" music was compared to the Danish-Norwegian pop band Aqua. Super Heroes, initially published in Scandinavia by Sony Music, sold 31,000 copies on the release day and was later released in the United States by Columbia Records and in Non-Nordic global territories by Epic Records. Hit singles included Superhero, Tamogotchi and Toy Boy. In February 1998, Daze won the Danish Grammy Award for Best Dance Album of 1997. The single Superhero was nominated as 1997 Danish hit of the year by G.A.F.F.A. magazine.

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