Deadjump arrised from the dark electro band called Brutal Divergez known in the 90’s musical scene. Alexandre Ramos, Deadjump leader, began with his work in 1996 releasing the first demo “Holy Mind”. On this demo are evident influences from Project Pitchfork and Front Line Assembly mixed and creating a independent sound. Many melodies paired with some aggressiveness permeate nine tracks on the tape. After the acquisition of new equipment Alexandre Ramos was rebuilding his concepts trying new sounds and finally composing "Virtual Masturbation of a Bastard Leader" in 1997 on 4D Records, which called the worlds attention on Deadjump mainly in Germany and the USA. In the aftermath Alexandre Ramos had played in the New Metal / Industrial band Chipset Zero for a short time due to schedule incompatibility. So it took 2 years until in 1999 Deadjump released “Causa Mortis – the remix album” – just to remain up-to-date in the dark electro scene. Bands like Front Runner, Noxious Emotion and Clone DT participated on this album mixing original tracks. Result: First quality Electronic Body Music for everyone. In 2000 the “Post Mortem” album was released with remixes by Sleepwalk, Plastic Noise Experience, Project X and Unformed. For this album Deadjump achieved eminence in the news of the scene with good reviews and many contacts but then Deadjump stopped its works for a time. In 2006 Alexandre Ramos returned releasing a new album called "Immortal" to consolidate the existence of Deadjump.

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Ascultă albumul Post Mortem
Post Mortem
Ascultă albumul
Ascultă albumul Virtual Masturbation Of A Bastard Leader
Virtual Masturbation Of A Bastard Leader

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