DJ Cam

DJ Cam (born Laurent Daumail in 1973) is a French DJ. His tunes are almost entirely a hybrid of both hip-hop and jazz music, and is presented in an abstract manner. His first LP was Underground Vibes in 1994, and was revolutionary for its time, featuring familiar jazz samples and many vibe samples and heavy hip-hop influences. His second studio album was Substances, which carried on with the tradition of its predecessor. He released The Beat Assassinated in 1998, which contained cameos from underground rappers, and also released The Loa Project vol, 2 and various DJ Mixes during 98-02. In 2003, he departed his regular sound for the Soulshine LP, which featured an appearance by Gang Starr's Guru (Credited as Baldhead Slick). He went back to his hip-hop roots in 2004 with Liquid Hip-Hop, in 2006, he released an iTunes exclusive Best Of compilation, featuring a new song at the end.

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Best Of
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Westside 2004-2007
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Love Junkee (Feat. Cameo)
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Espionage (Feat. Guru)


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