DJ Falk

Jarle Reiss (born in April 1967 at Lørenskog, now living in the small town Stokmarknes in Norway) Better known as DJ Falk, is a Norwegian discjockey, singer, and songwriter. He is one of Norway's most famous trance DJs in the electronic dance music scene. He is well known to his audiences from his spectacular lasershows, and his remixing on stage. He has been an international professional DJ since 1987 and has played from Warsaw to the south of Longyearbyen, in the north. He has played everything from small clubs to large halls and arenas, and his largest audience was over 6000 people. In September 1996, his trance / dance concept The Arctic Dance Experience started up during a gig at the House of Longyearbyen on Svalbard. His distinctive style of music is, according to him, inspired by the nature of the Svalbard and the impression Opera Mountains accident, which happened a few weeks before he arrived in Longyearbyen, made for him. During his stay in the archipelago, he was good contact with Jon Larsen from the group Hot Club de Norvège, who ran his record label Hot Club Records available to DJ Falk. His debut album, The Arctic Dance Experience was published in May 2008, first as a download from the network, but during the fall also as CD with the catalog number HCR CD 2003 Hot Club Records.

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