Donatella Rettore

Donatella Rettore is an Italian singer and songwriter (born July 8, 1955 in Castelfranco Veneto, Province of Treviso). She started her career in 1973 and her early recordings was oriented to the popular and melodic Italian music. She became successful just in 1979, and for about 5 years she was the most popular and female best selling in Italy second only to Mina. Her most popular hits are: Splendido Splendente (Splendid Shining), Kobra, Donatella, Lamette (Razor Blades), This Time, Io Ho Te (I've Got You), Amore Stella (Love Star) e Di Notte Specialmente (Especially By Night). Most albums are a mixture of pop, rock, disco music and ska. After 1983 she started her slow decline, and she had to wait 1994 to enter once again in the top 10 Italian charts. Recently she released Stralunata, a double cd set + dvd about her career, her music and her TV performances, which entered directly to n. 2 and stayed in top 10 Italian dvd charts for 2 months.

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