Duece Poppi

Duece Poppi

Unabled to be categorized duece poppi is an artistic force to be reckoned with. He seamlessly melds rock, rap, funk, and Psychedelica into powerhouse mainstream singles. As a ghostwriter he has charted over 10 hit records and as a solo artist he is poised for a breakthrough year with the new single "My white Friends and full length album "Animal House". He is a breath of fresh air in the cookie cutter world of hip hop and one of Slip N Slide Records most eclectic and creative stars..........Born in Atlanta and raised in Miami, Duece Poppi emerged from the city’s violent ghettos with a lyrical gift for storytelling on Miami’s hard-hitting, bass-thumping tracks. After working his way into Trick Daddy’s crew, Duece finally snagged an opportunity to work with his idol—by hustle, of course. The agile 19-year-old bribed the sound engineer in an effort to get on a song Trick Daddy recorded earlier that day. After overhearing Duece spit, Trick was impressed with Duece’s style and wordplay. He quickly put Duece to work at Slip N Slide Records and the rest, as they say, is history. Deuce promptly found himself co-writing the smash hit, “Shut Up” where the opportunity to write on a hit record with an idol is one that most protégées wait their entire careers for. Since then, Duece has been incessantly writing hooks and songs while producing music for his Afro-Punk-fusion group, The Needles (featured on his music label, Rebel Music). Even with penning hooks for various megastars while producing buzzworthy remixes, Duece Poppi doesn’t miss a beat with releasing his first single, “My White Friends,” off his debut LP tentatively titled Animal House

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