Fabian Buch

Fabian Buch

It is very special to possess a wise soul early in one’s life. With just a few strokes of his acoustic guitar mixed with his strong and soulful vocal delivery, Fabian Buch’s wisdom and maturity undeniably shine through. The naturally gifted musician exudes a humble confidence and intense desire to succeed that will certainly carry him to stardom. Born the son of a musician in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse (a city located in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany), Fabian always remembers music being a part of his life. Fabian’s father, his earliest musical influence, plays the keys and wrote many songs throughout Fabian’s childhood. From there, it has been Fabian’s love of music that has gotten him to where he is today. “My dad had a guitar that was broke and I picked it up and started playing with it. From there I taught myself to play by listening to songs and imitating them,” recalls the budding star. Fabian continued practicing the guitar and working on ways to define himself as an artist. Music simply became the most important thing in his life. “I knew music was my life when I started recording myself playing the guitar. There was something special about it. Whenever I had jobs in high school, I could only think about getting home to finish a song I started the night before. I even skipped school to finish songs.” To perfect his craft, Fabian began to fortify his natural gifts with professional voice and guitar lessons. He and his band performed in clubs through Germany and his love of performing in front of crowds grew stronger with each performance. His determination to become the best sometimes caused hardship with members of his band. “We played together for many years. I always stuck with my band and tried to accomplish something together. But I began feeling like I had a different goal than some of the other members of the band. It was personally a hard time because I really wanted to succeed with my band and it didn’t happen that way,” recalls Fabian. Breaking from his band was one of the hardest choices Fabian had to make in his early musical career, but things would soon take a turn for the amazing. “When I found the FlatStar auditions on the internet, the show looked very interesting. For your dreams, I feel you should do everything you can, use every opportunity you can until something happens,” advises Buch. Once chosen for the FlatStar, Fabian was taken through whirlwind of experiences that opened his eyes to the music industry; and he loved what he saw. “I didn’t know the music industry worked this way. I thought you had to do it all yourself. But I think you get better results when you work with the best producers and coaches to create something amazing. I love being a part of the process of writing so I know the song fits me. I love to put my own influence on a track.” Not only has Fabian learned so much from the show, but is having the time of his life. “The FlatStar experience is just crazy. This is what I have always wanted to do and now I have a chance to do it. Right now I cannot really believe it yet; that I am here doing all this. This experience makes me so happy, but it feels unreal. I am in a good position and have the opportunity to do amazing things. I’m here now and I just have to show the world what I can do and make the music that I really love. Right now, I am the most productive in music that I’ve been in my life. I am working on songs I love and I know where I want to go.” Fabian wishes to evoke strong emotions from his listeners. “Music is a very important part of life and I want to make people feel good, give them goose-bumps, make them cry,” says Fabian. His latest single, “Hello, Hello” is a perfect example of Fabian’s powerful delivery and a soulful wisdom well beyond his years. Fabian is a true student of music. He has learned something valuable from every artist he has studied. Fueled by an internal drive to be the best and the knowledge to understand how to, Fabian will surely continue to work to become a better musician and take chances to reach his dreams of becoming a star. “I want it all,” he says with conviction. “Everybody has a different reason for making music. Some people make music for fun, which is fine. That is what it’s all about. But for me, I want to do this for life. This is my dream,” he says. With one look into the eyes of his soul, there’s no doubt he’ll reach that dream. (From his music Myspace)

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