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FC Apatride Utd

FC Apatride Utd

«Football Club Apatride» (Stateless Football Club) was born in a ravaged country. They demonstrate that reggae music is still a rebellious means of expression. This Marxist, Muslim and Serbian Football Club is anything but a mainstream product. Their sharp uncompromising reggae reminds us of some UK Jamaican bands of the early 80’s, when reggae had a strong rock touch and catchy melodies. This militant trio achieved a remarkable success with their musical identity and uncompromising attitude and was therefore signed by a Parisian reggae label “Makasound” for whom they already released two albums,: “On the Frontline menu”(2006) and “Them”(2007).A year later the band released a 12"vinyl single "Rural"(2008) and "War Party"(2009) for UK label "Urban Sedated Records.According to cultural French magazine "The music of Fc Apatride Utd brings the renewal of reggae".Although often criticized by European media as being too militant,the band never ceases to continue with their rough style and sharp lyrics and managed to spread their message across the Atlantic where their third album "Firing the Truth" is being released by a US label "Wagon Music Works" simultaneously with the UK release for "Urban Sedated rec".All sounds by Drums,Bass and Guitar".

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