Gadi Mizrahi

Gadi Mizrahi

Gadi Mizrahi has been a staple of the Brooklyn’s dance-music scene for nearly a decade, DJing as half of the Wolf + Lamb duo, co-founding the influential Wolf + Lamb label, and throwing legendary underground parties. Gadi has been steeped in music since his earliest days on earth, always associating himself with musical souls and visionary creative forces. His Egyptian father played traditional Arabic music; his older brother was a DJ himself. After years spent digesting his musical surroundings, Gadi discovered techno, and his passion soon led him to befriend Zev Eisenberg (the “Wolf” to Gadi’s “Lamb”) and Spectral alumni Lee Curtiss and Seth Troxler. Gadi and Zev founded Wolf + Lamb and the Marcy Hotel performance space/recording studio as a way to showcase their own music while maintaining full control over their creative vision. (“It was all out of necessity,” blushes Gadi.) Wolf + Lamb’s parties at the Marcy Hotel have grown into the hub of the Brooklyn electronic-music scene, with Gadi’s eclectic DJ sets setting the intimate, celebratory tone.

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