Gipsy's carreer as a musician has gone through a lot. In the mid-nineties he was a founder of the hip-hop crew Syndrom Snopp. There, he was the first MC, writing and rapping surprisingly deep and intelligent texts, supported with the samples played by dj smog. Syndrom Snopp produced three albums altogether, although it never became a famous and wide-known crew. In 2003, Gipsy decided to try something on his own. With DJ Smog he compiled an english album Ya Favourite CD-Rom. Shortly after, the crew Syndrom Snopp practically became history. Gipsy's other attempt was an R'n'B album which finally, maybe also thanks to him leaving some ideological principles he had held, brought him fame. Today, Gipsy is mainly featuring with his roma crew whose music combines parts of R'n'B, Hip-hop and roma music.

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MUZICA / Gipsy

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