Jet Set Satellite

Jet Set Satellite is a rock band founded in 1998 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Trevor Tuminski and Dave Swiecicki. After a short audition process Mike Keller joined the band shortly before releasing their debut album "Blueprint" in 2000 on Nettwerk Records. Touring with hired musicians they celebrated two Top 20 Canadian hit singles, "Best Way to Die" and "Baby, Cool Your Jets", at rock radio, MuchMusic, and MTV Europe that year. In 2001 bass player Tery Kazakoff, and drummer Rich Reid joined the group, and in 2003, citing irreconcilable creative differences, (and several obvious cases of mismanagement) the band made a rare move and left their record deal with Nettwerk in favor of pursuing their own collective vision for their second release. Unfortunately through the process of recording their own album they also parted ways with Tery, in early 2005. The band released their second album "Vegas" independently the summer of 2005 with the title track "Vegas", "Together", "Remover" and "Please Capture Me" as singles. The album received mixed reviews but ended up receiving significant airplay across Canada at rock radio. The band relentlessly toured throughout 2005 and 2006 to promote it, finding their final and most loveable bass player Jay Rink along the way. In September 2006 "Together" was featured in the season finally of ER, which ended the promotion of their 1st independent release. They released their third album, "End of an Era", through Storming the Base in August 2008 - some say their heaviest album to date, although the musical climate had changed the industry so much the band never really had the chance to promote it. Never officially breaking up, the band members are all currently involved in their own individual projects, and no longer writing and playing together as Jet Set Satellite.

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