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John McCusker

John McCusker (born 15 May 1973) is a Scottish folk musician, record producer and composer. An accomplished fiddle player, he had a long association as a member of the Battlefield Band beginning in the 1990s and was later a band member and producer for folk singer Kate Rusby. He has served as producer and arranger for artists in a range of genres and also has several solo albums to his credit.

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John McCusker pe Zonga

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Ascultă albumul Before The Ruin (Remastered)
Before The Ruin (Remastered)
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Ascultă albumul Yella Hoose / Goodnight Ginger
Yella Hoose / Goodnight Ginger
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Ascultă albumul Under One Sky
Under One Sky
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John McCusker

MUZICA / John McCusker

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