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Johnny O is a freestyle music singer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. He also, arguably with Stevie B, is known as The King of Freestyle. He has released eight albums, most of which were underground hits. His most successful album was the self-titled album from 1988, which included popular Latin underground songs such as Fantasy Girl, Highways of Love, and Memories. Johnny is not a radio host in Canada as most have been mistaken but instead now resides in Florida with his family where he performs around the country several times throughout the year. He is currently signed to ZYX records. In 2007 Johnny O. released an album of mostly new material, with a couple of remakes mixed in, and the CD is entitled "Peace on Earth 2012". The album is a Christian album, however, it is also loaded with a variety of different types of dance songs.

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Johnny O
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