Jus Bleezy

Jus Bleezy

Just Black aka Jus Bleezy is the stage name of Charles M. Peterson, one of St. Louis’s most ingenious and hardest working flourishing hip-hop musicians. He is perhaps best known for being St. Louis’s original rap music innovator. Jus Bleezy has created the sound and facilitated the environment that has spawned each and every internationally renowned rap music artist hailing from the STL. Early Life and Career Peterson was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri and spent his youth growing up in the game. Jus Bleezy gained his credibility on some of the meanest streets in St. Louis, becoming intimately familiar with its codes of violence. In the early 90’s he found himself on street corners spitting volcanic rhymes that melted battlers like molten lava. He became famous in the hip-hop underground because of his distinctive, blatant hustler style and gritty flow. Bleezy found a successful writing formula by vividly detailing the life of a street hustler from a personal perspective. These experiences comprised some of the most compelling lyrical content ever written and gave his music a sense of realism. They include a shooting incident, outside of familiar St. Louis club, The Smith Center, which was regularly frequented by DJ Quick, Above the Law and Breed. As Jus Bleezy left a set, he was shot 7 times. Thought dead, homicide detectives outlined his body as he lay motionlessly in the street. Although riddled with bullets from both an AK47 and a 9 millimeter, Jus Bleezy survived. Realizing that notoriety can never be gained at the expense of street credibility, Jus Bleezy has settled for impacting the music industry from another viewpoint, street hustler turned artist, lyricist, producer and promoter. Acting as CEO with his colleague Guccio of the independent record label, Black on Black/Quit Playin Entertainment (BOBQP), Bleezy has proven his place in the hip-hop game. Ingenious in his collaborative prowess, Bleezy also joined forces with native St. Louis producer Lev, as he produced hits for artist’s including the bay area rap wonder Richie Rich and STL based rapper Ram Luv. As Bleezy focused more on further developing an unparalleled lyrical style, his efforts to produce and promote other artists proved daunting. He ultimately made the decision to center his attention solely on being a successful recording and performing artist. In 1992 Jus Bleezy released his first solo radio single entitled “Women Ain’t All That Bad�. This single forwarded Jus Bleezy’s unfettered access to local and regional radio stations as well as club and concert promoters. The record enjoyed prominent rotation at Urban and Rhythmic-formatted stations for several months after its’ original release. Entering the Mainstream Universal Records immediately sought out BOBQP Records. Upon signing to what was believed to be a lucrative deal was soon proven to be quite the contrary. With the lack of promotional and marketing support, Jus Bleezy quickly realized that he could help himself as much as the label seemingly was. Forced to be resourceful in the various ways of how he made his money, Jus Bleezy and his production partner traveled to Puerto Rico in 2006. While there they spent time shooting and shopping one of the first mixtape DVD’s featuring 7 videos, including The All-star single “So Serious�. The project also included a CD with 17 mixtape tracks. Inspired by rap music icon, Too $hort, Jus Bleezy continued on the money grind, and with true hustler’s ambition he spent the subsequent years touring, writing and recording such unique albums as “Crak Talk� and cross-over hit singles “Like Me�, featuring R&B artist Trey Songz. It’s singles like this that will appeal to hip-hop lovers all over, guaranteeing commercial success. Other Works and Ventures In 2004, Jus Bleezy secured a deal with radio conglomerate Clear Channel for evening drive time airing on FM 100.3 The Beat. Recording 38 shows, Jus Bleezy’s live show format gave him a platform to promote the ‘real music’ of St. Louis. Guccio thinking the collaborative effort would be great for both companies, re-embarked on a recording effort entitled “The Movement�, which featured The All-stars. Jus Bleezy and Guccio decided to release another record in 2005 entitled “All City�, which included the chart toppers Lil’ Webbie, Chingy, Murphy Lee, Akon, Bun B (of UGK) and Styles P. Go Hard Or Go Home Jus Bleezy is gearing up to release a new mixtape this fall. The “Go Hard Or Go Home� album is set for a November release date and is hosted by South Florida radio station personality, DJ Khaled. This eagerly anticipated album will also be available for download via the internet. With light collaborations throughout the album from hip hop greats such as Rick Ross and Yo Gotti, Bleezy diversifies the musical platform supplying the streets with “Ya’ll Don’t Know� and “Hundred Stackz�. The overall diversity of this mixtape confirms that Bleezy is so much more than a rapper, he's an entertainer. With his ability to deliver lyrical flows that narrate genuine life experiences, this mixtape stands out from most others released.

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