Kannonau was born in the autumn of 2004, by union of three abstract and sharp figures that,by joining, breed a futurist picture of irrational complexity. Images blend in a unique and indissoluble project and in deep joint-ownership of spirits and works that exists and belongs to Kannonau members, giving life to music that prefers the creations of atmospheric and experimental settings strongly linked to the old esoteric rites and to the magic, but above all to the classic roots of mediterranean culture of our land. In fact one of our main goals is transmitting, through our music, thoughts, words, works and intents that were blazing in the hearts of our ancestors. The outset of the band consisted of compositions deeply linked to improvisations inspired by glorious line-ups, like: Die todliche Doris,Death in June,Einsturzende Neubaten,Ain Soph,Brighter Death Now,Nurse With Wound,Current 93,Camerata Mediolanense,Coph Nia, Raison D'Etre, and so on... Soon the sound evolved, deprived of some noise extremisms, it developed and refined until it arranged with classic sounds, more linear, much more atmospheric and emotionally involving, that can lead to old neo-folk productions, but always trying a more mystic and dark approach, instead of the old productions of this genre. The discographic debut was in february 2006, with a self-titled Cd, released for Misty Circles label, with a production which was limited to 100 numbered copies. The album consists of 5 compositions that well reflect the intents and influences of first steps of the bands, on which we can also bring out some precious cooperations of famous figures of the scene. At present the band is involved in the composition of new tracks that will set up the new album, still without name, hoping it will see the light after the summer.

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MUZICA / Kannonau

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