Karmah is an Italian pop/hip-hop duo, produced by the Italian DJ Gabry Ponte. In 2005, they experienced some success in several European countries with a cover of The SOS Band's song "Just Be Good To Me", which peaked at #1 on Polish National Top 50 and sampled "Every Breath You Take by The Police.[citation needed] The band released a follow-up, "Tom's Diner" (a remake of the classic hit by Suzanne Vega) and their debut album, "Be Good To Me".

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Ascultă albumul Bullets Ain't Got No Name
Bullets Ain't Got No Name
Ascultă albumul
Ascultă albumul Be Good To Me
Be Good To Me
Ascultă albumul
Ascultă albumul Just Be Good To Me (Every Breath You Take)
Just Be Good To Me (Every Breath You Take)

MUZICA / Karmah


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