Kelly Andrew

Kelly Andrew

Kelly Andrew is an accomplished musical artist, composer, pianist, producer, and sound engineer diversified but mainly in both the Contemporary Instrumental and Trance genres with a clear mission: Progressing world peace by uplifting and harmonizing the lives of people and to improve the accuracy of communication using music for expressing all feelings and moods. With his classically trained knowledge and the gift of Perfect Pitch, Kelly has a keen sense of arranging and harmonizing instruments and rhythms and can incorporate many genres including but not limited to Contemporary Instrumental, New Age, Orchestral/Soundtrack, Easy Listening, Trance, Choral, Celtic, Electronica, Rock & Roll, Pop, and Alternative to create his unique sound. With neither borders nor boundaries, he takes a strong effort in cultivating the universal tongue to uplift his audience with unforgettable melodies, rhythms, dynamics, and personal expression ... one song at a time.

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