Ketama are a Spanish flamenco group in the fusion flamenco style. The leaders of what has been called New Flamenco, they brought a style that was somewhere between flamenco and pop salsa onto the musical scene that drew as much criticism as praise, but which has won over the young public and has given them millions of sales. In their records they have mixed flamenco with salsa, Brazilian music, reggae, funk, jazz and, in their last work (2002) "Dame la Mano", they have been so bold as to mix it with hip hop and house music.

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Ketama pe Zonga

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Ascultă albumul Nuevos Medios Colección: Ketama
Nuevos Medios Colección: Ketama
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04:20 (Feat. Franco)
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10 Pezzi
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Ascultă albumul Discoteca Básica Del Flamenco
Discoteca Básica Del Flamenco

MUZICA / Ketama

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