Khalid Belrhouzi

Khalid Belrhouzi

Affectionately known as 'Bulbul' (nightingale) for his melodic voice, Khalid hails from Lyon, France though he was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1969. Khalid began singing from the tender age of 7 and in the late 90s he was lead vocalist in the French based band 'Badr'. His albums 'Les Noms de Dieu' (The Names of God) and 'Paroles Veridiques' (True Word) were both released in France in 2002. Extracts from this rendition of the Burdah, the classic poem by Al-Busiri praising the Prophet (pbuh), was featured on the album 'In Praise of The Last Prophet - Yusuf Islam and friends' (2002) and due to popularity was released in October 2002. He Joined Yusuf Islam in 2003 at the Night of Remembrance Concert at the Royal Albert Hall and has also worked and toured with his friend Zain Bhikha. These performances and duets have only but shown us the artistry of this Majestic singer. In the years to follow Khalid took time out to concentrate on his young family and started to write more of his own material. Then earlier this year he returned to recording again and began working with Benammi (Jamal Records in house Composer) on a collection of new songs.

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