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Hi, this is klein. Klein released it's debut record 'the next small thing' in May 2006. The soundscapes on 'The next small thing' emerge from small rooms as well as big studios. During a stay at the seashore in northern germany, Lutz Nikolaus Kratzer and patrick Müller met to set sail for a new project that did not yet have a name. When they both got on a train it was with a computer and a laptop, several Instruments such as dobro guitars, bass and percussion instruments. The heavy luggage soon was set up in a cosy living room in St.Peter Ording where the emptiness of the place needed to be urgently filled with music. The post season atmosphere can be heard throughout many tracks on the record, still it includes the dancefloor in some of it's pieces. The music is strogely inspired by passed away Chris Whitley. Currently, .Klein plays live shows with Karsten Deutschmann who joins in with a dobro guitar.

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