Kumbia Kings

Kumbia Kings was a Latin Grammy-winning Mexican cumbia group from Corpus Christi, Texas created by A.B. Quintanilla. Their music encompasses the styles of cumbia (hence their name), hip hop and R&B. They produce songs in both Spanish and English. The band's producers from the beginning have been A.B. Quintanilla III and Cruz Martínez. A.B. Quintanilla is also known as the brother of the late "Queen of Tejano", Selena. A.B. played bass guitar for the group, while Cruz, husband of international artist Alicia Villarreal, played keyboards. Both co-wrote songs for the Kumbia Kings. Though the group has gone through a revolving door of members in recent years amid controversy and finger-pointing, and the Kumbia Kings of today are vastly different than what originated in Corpus Christi, Texas over 8 years ago, A.B. and Cruz were always the soul of the group. Gone are original members Frankie J and DJ Kane both who have gone on to significant success as solo artists, as well as the group K1 (Kingz One), a collaboration of former Kumbia Kings members who have defected from the group for reason of "internal dissention". Unfortunately, A.B. Quintanilla, Irvin "Pee Wee" Salinas, as well as Selena's widower Chris Pérez, also decided to leave the group due to that same "internal dissention". Cruz Martínez kept Los Kumbia Kings but changed the name to Los Super Reyes for legal issues. In October 2009, A.B. Quintanilla and Cruz Martínez have solved their differences, and announced that the Kumbia Kings will reunite for a series of concerts lasting from late 2009 through early 2010.

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