Looptroop Rockers

Looptroop Rockers is a hip hop group from Västerås, Sweden. The members are rappers Promoe (Mårten Edh), Supreme (Mathias Lundh-Isen), DJ/Producer Embee (Magnus Bergkvist) and CosM.I.C (Tommy Isacsson). In February 2007 CosM.I.C, who had been a member of the group since the beginning in 1993, decided to focus on designing and maintaining looptrooprockers.com and not to be an active member of the group. He however rejoined the group in 2010 as Promoe announced at a concert in Helsinki on May 19, it was officially announced on their website on May 21. On their fourth album, Good Things, the group changed its name from Looptroop to Looptroop Rockers, a name they've used unofficially for some years prior to the change.

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