Thurman were a band heralding from Oxfordshire comprising brothers Nicholas Kenny, (Lead Vocals + Guitar) Simon Kenny (Bass + Additional vocals) plus Paul Disley (Drums). Heavily associated with the Britpop movement rumours circulated at the time that they had originally been a heavy metal band called 'To Die For,' who changed their style of music so as to be snapped up by a record label in the wake of the success of Blur and the mid-'90s UK music resurgence. Their chirpy, '60s-influenced retro sound was similar to one produced by a number of artists in 1995 at the height of Britpop mania. Their sole album 'Lux' was derided by some critics who found it lacking in depth and derided its near-plagiarism of a number of songs, most noticeably 'Children of the Revolution' by T-Rex on the track 'Loaded.' Despite some positive reviews at the time, Thurman's time in the spotlight was limited, along with numerous other minor league bands associated with Britpop, such as Salad and Powder.

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