Michael Foret

Michael Foret

Michael Foret was born under the sign of Virgo, on 20th September 1986, at exactly half past ten a.m. in Prostejov where he lived until he was 15. As a little boy he wanted to do almost every possible job; he wanted to become a soldier, a garbage man, a doctor, a pilot, a tennis player… But the thing he liked the most was singing. Since he was little he used to sing to children and teachers in the kindergarten and at school; he always wanted to show off and be the center of attention. Michael inherited the love for music from his father, who is a musician, too. When Michael was little, his dad used to sing and play with a band at different cultural events, from balls to dress-balls for kids. It was right there, where, for the first time, three-year-old Michael tried how it feels like to sing on the stage in front of a room full of people. “I was not even three years old, when my grandparents and my mom took me to a dress-ball for kids, where my dad was performing. As soon as we got there, I ran to the stage, my dad handed me the microphone and I started to sing my favorite Czech folk song, which I used to sing all the time. I was barely able to speak at that time and people really enjoyed my performance, which made me so happy that I did not want to come down from the stage…It seems as if it all happened yesterday.” Michael said. Michael’s father influenced him a lot. He did not only teach him to play the guitar, but also shaped his taste in music. “Every time we went somewhere by car, and we were traveling quite a lot, my dad had some music on. Starting with Pink Floyd, Smokie, Queen, Abba, and others, to Roxette, Cranberries, U2, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Eurhythmics, and even Ozzy Osborne and Tina Turner. It was those artists and culture that defined my lifestyle and taste. My dad also used to comment on each song that was playing. He used to tell me what it was about, who played where and how. He actually taught me to listen to good music. Michael is an only child. He says that one of his favorite places in the world is Krenuvky, where he used to hang out with his parents in their summer house. Later on, they built a family house in Krenuvky and moved there. Michael was about 15 years old. “I like thinking about Krenuvky. I spent the best childhood there. When I was little, I was not a calm and quiet kid. I had to do something all the time, I kept running and bothering someone. I was really a naughty child. You could be sure that after five minutes I would not have been in the place you had placed me in. I love Krenuvky especially for the freedom it offers. It is a different world. I am so lucky that we live 20 meters from the woods, which is 50 km deep. It has beautiful nature, fresh air, and more importantly, tranquility. The woods inspire me a lot. My grandpa was the one to teach me about nature, he taught me to fish and to mushroom and he always believed in my music. He supported me. It was him who bought me my first guitar when I was thirteen, and I started to write my own songs thanks to that. When Michael was 13, his friend took him to The Cranberries concert in Prague for the first time. “That concert was such a huge experience for me. At that moment I said to myself that this is the direction I have to take in my life. Singing was what I wanted to do and my only goal was to do music to make myself and other people happy. To become a singer! At that time I was already performing with my guitar in the surroundings of Prost--jov and I was trying to write my own songs and lyrics. I also participated in different contests and competitions. In the Czech version of the famous Pop Idol contest, Michael got to the finals and his career started at that very moment. In the spring 2006 he releases his debut called FORTE at SONY BMG. This album contains his song called Expert, which was made for the soundtrack of the movie Experti, where Michael appeared as an actor, too. Nowadays Michael studies at "conservatoire Jaroslava Jezka" in Prague (pop music) and for more than a year Michael has been playing with his band ForetGump and they are currently working on their first album which should be ready by the beginning of 2008.

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