mink(Real name: Lee Mink; 이밍크, born February 15 1984 - , Cheonghak-dong, Incheon, South Korea) is a female Korean pop singer active in Japan. Upon traveling to Japan in her early teens to continue her education, she was discovered after she submitted a demo to Avex Trax, one of Japan’s leading J-pop labels. Her initial success occurred in Japan with the release of her first two albums. mink was born and raised in Korea, however she does not sing in Korean. She also had not shown her face on her albums, instead replacing her pictures with an anime-like character until 2008's mink II ~endless love~ album.http://www.mink.cc/discography.html She had previously shown herself in her music videos, however.

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Greetings From The Valley (Feat. Zahra)
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Mirror Mirror (Feat. Alice Eva)
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Hidden Star (Feat. Freja)


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