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Miquel Brown (born Michael Brown, 1954 is a Canadian actress and Disco/Soul singer from the 1970s and '80s most popular for the songs "Close to Perfection" and the Hi-NRG songs 'So Many Men, So Little Time' and "He's A Saint, He's A Sinner" (both now considered vintage gay anthems[citation needed]) produced in London by Ian Levine. Also known for her boyish cornrows hairstyle, which she altered into a more womanly cut after some confusion regarding her gender (public, not personal).[citation needed] Originally named Michael, her parents changed the spelling (but retained the pronunciation) so as not to confuse her with a male producer and children's author of the time (Michael Brown). Only 14 years old, she became the mother of actress/singer Sinitta and Greta, both of which were adopted separately and never knew about each other until 19 years later. Miquel is the step sister of disco singer Amii Stewart.

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