Mischief Brew

Mischief Brew is a band from Philadelphia which plays DIY anarcho-punk music, also incorporating a variety of styles including American folk, swing, Gypsy-punk and country. It was started by Erik Petersen as a solo project, but eventually grew into a band. Petersen draws inspiration from the protest movements of the 1960s, "the idea that rebellion in music didn't originate in punk rock" (Profane Existence #54, 2007), and anti-establishment artists like Woody Guthrie and Crass. Petersen's lyrics often pay homage to American labor radicalism of the early 20th century. Mischief Brew has released albums and EPs on many different labels, notably Art of the Underground, Gunner Records, and Fistolo Records. In support of these records, Mischief Brew has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. When playing live, Mischief Brew has performed with four to five people, incorporating such instruments as junk/found percussion, trumpet, accordion, violin, mandolin, and vibraphone into their set.

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