Nelson Ned

Nelson Ned (born as Nelson Ned d'Ávila Pinto, on March 2, 1947) is a famous Brazilian singer from Ubá, Minas Gerais. Nelson built a solid career as a singer and composer of sentimental, suffering songs, rising to popularity in Brazil and Latin America in 1969 and becoming known internationally, especially in Portugal, France and Spain. In 1971 he released his first Spanish album, "Canción Popular" and performed in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Africa. His international performances have included Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, and mega-events in Mexico. He was the first[citation needed] Latin artist to sell a million records in the U.S. with his hit "Happy Birthday My Darling" in 1974. He also did some instrumental work for the "Electric Moog Orchestra" in 1977. Since his conversion in 1993, he has only recorded Christian Evangelical songs in both Portuguese, Spanish and some in English.

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