The heads of Neurotron, Axel Schuh and André Kronert were born in 1978 in Guestrow, a small, very old city in the north east of Germany. Since school they hung around together and developed their love for electronic music by hearing EBM, Industrial, Experimental and Acid-House and really hard Techno. After many great and wonderful parties and moments with this music they decided to produce such music by themselves. In 1995 Andre started to work as DJ Phrase. Later he brought the self-made sound to the dance floors outside the live acts of Neurotron as Le Dub Dwell. In 1995/96 they bought a Roland MC-202 and a 606. A Little later they purchased a 909 and a whole depot of synthesizers, effect tools and samplers and started to perform live acts as Yakusa. Initially the sound was really hard grooving Detroit-Techno, influenced by artists like Plasticman, UR, Cybotron, Stacey Pullen & Aphex Twin. Later they begun to use laptops and combined them with the hardware of their studio. Under increasing influences of labels like Force Tracks, Raum Musik , Basic Channel, Tiefschwarz, Poker Flat, Deep Chord their sound became more dubby, deep and minimal. With the change of their sound, their attitude of life and of music they changed their name as well.

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MUZICA / Neurotron

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