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Nortec Collective is a musical ensemble formed by various individual one or two man production projects. The group came together in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Their sound genre mixes electronica with musical elements and instrumentation of Tambora and Norteño music, resulting in the nortec ("norteño" + "techno") style. The various projects began producing and performing Nortec music around 1999. In 2001, they were signed to a recording contract with Palm Pictures, that released their first album "Tijuana Session Volume 1" under the name Nortec Collective. The line-up for that album included Bostich, Clorofila, Fussible, Hiperboreal, Panoptica, Plankton Man and Terrestre. The latter 2 would leave Nortec Collective in 2002.

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Tijuana Makes Me Happy - Ep
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Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3
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MUZICA / Nortec Collective

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