OtherView… Lets Get started by Introduce to you The Act “OtherView” OtherView are Vasilis Koumentakos, Dimitris Issaris & Crystalia, Currently they preparing their Album witch it will have a taste of House, Dance & pop… We have to mention that they made a Great corporation with The best pop Artist of Greece, Mixalis Xatzigiannis @ the tracks “Eisai edo” and “Etsi Se thelo” and they performing by his side @ Rex Music Theater during (5/11/09 – 27/3/10). On their Live Shows you will have the opportunity to listen all your favorite tracks touched by an… “Other View…” in a live Performance :) Their new Single “So Long” is like a brand new start for OtherView and it pronounces what will be followed… Your Eyes (Feat Steve Owner & Marianna) is another track that has been released from Planetworks Recently @ DanceVille Compilation witch has a Great Success @ Clubs :) Some of the High Lights are that The two Great Italian Producers/Djs Max Zotti (Sidekick) & Davide Rivaz have remixed some OtherView Tracks : Deep Dreams ( Max Zotti Remix) , Runaway (RIvaz Mix) & So Long (Rivaz Mix) More Info …. Comming SOooOoooOoooOon :) Discography: OtherView – So Long OtherView Pres Runway – Runaway OtherView & Steve Owner Feat Marianna – Your Eyes OtherView & Consoul Trainin Feat Gabriella Ellis – WonderWall Dreamers inc & Otherview Feat Anna Maria Favilli – La Bambola OtherView Feat Mixalis Xatzigiannis – Eisai edo Remixes: Mixalis Xatzigiannis – Etsi se Thelo (OtherView Mix) Ketjak & Livin R Feat Petra – Tequila In The Sun (OtherView Mix) Dreamers Inc Feat Karolina – Midnight Summer Dream (Otherview Mix) LIVIN R & K MASS Feat Joan Kolova – Come into my world (OtherView Mix) Greko & Teo Perez – Bon Voyage (OtherView Mix)

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MUZICA / Otherview

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