Paffendorf, also known as Bellini, is a dance project from Cologne, Germany. The project consists of Ramon Zenker, also producer of Fragma, Gottfried Engels, Nicolas Valli and Sven Thiel, who also represents Paffendorf as a DJ act. Paffendorf is best known for their year 2000 hit, "Where are You", although they have had various successful hits across Europe, their best known in the UK being "Be Cool," which peaked at number 7 in the UK Singles Chart in June, 2002. Their song, Under My Skin, had become an Internet meme, featuring Momo, a character from the anime series Sumomomo Momomo repetitively imitating a train engine with her hands and jumping up and down. The song had been sped up to sound similar and rival to a more popular Internet meme, Caramelldansen.

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Paffendorf pe Zonga

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Where Are You 2k17 (Remixes)
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Smile 2012
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Will I Ever
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Smile (4-Track Maxi-Single)

MUZICA / Paffendorf

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