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Pyx Lax

Pyx Lax was a Greek rock band. Originally formed in 1989, they released their first recording in 1990, and had a critical and commercial success in the Greek music industry for fifteen years, before being dissolved in 2004. They are considered as the most successful, commercially, group in the history of Greek discography with three gold and five platinum albums (among which: Yia Tous Prigkipes Tis Dytikis Ohthis, O Baboulas Tragoudaei Monos Tis Nyhtes, Stilvi, Yparhoun Hrysopsara Edo?, Ta Dokaria Sto Grasidi Perimenoun Ta Paidia. Some of their greatest hits were Asti Na Leei, De Tha Dakryso Pia Yia Sena, Ti Eine Afto Pou Mas Horizei?, Oi Palies Agapes Pane Ston Paradeiso, Mia Synousia Mystiki, Epapses Agapi na thymizeis.

Pyx Lax recorded the great majority of their songs in Greek, with an exception of a few recordings. Most of their English-language songs were included in their last album Haroumeni Stin Poli ton Trelon (2003), with most notable songs: Someone Wrote ‘Save Me’ On a Wall (with Eric Burdon singing lead) and All My Angels Falling (with Marc Almond singing lead). In 1999's cd-single Ase Tin Eikona Na Milaei, Pyx Lax collaborated with the Corsican band I Muvrini in the songs Tora (Ava), Kane Kati kai Yia Sena (A Pena) and Sting, in the song Terre D' Oru (Fields of Gold).

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