Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together. Remo has been following to the letter the phrase above having become one of the most interesting italian djs, thanks to his talent and charismatic personality. This Italian dj/producers music precedes him and speaks about his world, the path that led him to continuously re-invent his style and to create an innate bond with his public. At the beginning of his career Remo looked as if he was on the path of Hip Hop, when, embraced by the rhythms and lights of Ibiza, being just over 20 years old, he became the dj resident in the roof terrace of Pacha. With passion and determination on his side, Remo started to play in some of the most important clubs in Milan (Italy) until the encounter with the Pervert group, with which an important partnership was soon born : Remo became the resident dj at Pervert Gold, the most sexy and out of the ordinary club night in Italy, which soon opened the gates towards the experimentation of new sounds and enabled him to get in touch with the most important international Djs. Everything changes as time flows by, and so did Remo, performing a metamorphosis in his style which got influenced by more electronic and dark sonorities. Listening and assimilating while creating something unique that reflects what you are, that is the path which Remo chose to give his career a turn by becoming a producer. The dedication, fervour and hard work that are present in everyone that follows a dream all led to the creation of the debut track "Black Sabrina", released on Giant Wheel Records and made together with Get Physical's Chelonis R. Jones, which was immediately played by internationals big djs and become soon an italian smash hit,introducing him to the big audience. His career as a producer proceeds with new releases and with the signature of important remixes such as for Audioflys Inside the Beat and Coolio and Snoop Doggs Gangsta Walk. As dj,he started also important collaborations with djs such as Steve Lawler who brings him as resident at Viva, his night at Ibizas club Space, and with John Aquaviva for whom Remo participates as a guest the Aquaholic nights at Ibizas Privilege. Remo now continues to impress thanks to the incomparable energy that he transmits in his dj sets and the ease with which his music manages to become one with those who listen to it. Speed, immediateness plus the ability to experiment and following new paths, while always remaining faithful to himself, these are some of the elements which combined form Dj Remos artistic DNA.

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