Renee Cassar

Renee Cassar

Hey guys, well bands usually put there bio in here but I’m not a band and I’ve never written a Bio, so instead of placing myself in the third person and writing things like Renee cassar has been playing for 3 years and performing at such and such places, I just thought I would tell you how it is… I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, I can write about anything from, trees and hills and stars and eyes to feelings to the way people treat you when there not happy or how you feel when you cry.. I wrote to get my feelings out, it helped me to look at the situation from a birds eye view, like I don’t have to be me anymore, I can escape for a while and judge the situation like I’m someone else. I have at least 30 books filled up with scribbles, quotes and poems and stories, I’m sure god shot ink through my veins when he created me… at 17 I never considered singing well I had thought about it , but my fathers passion for wanting me to become a professional tennis player had pushed aside any dreams I had of my own… My music teacher had other ideas as to my music ability and cast me as lead role in the school musical. This came as a shock to me, I didn’t think I could sing let alone in front of 3000 people. So intent not to stuff this up, I decided to take some singing lessons so when the opening night came along I would be prepared. Opening night I was so nervous and I had nearly lost my voice I’d placed honey mixed with hot water, an asma pump, salt water, pineapple juice and every other voice remedy known to man neatly at the back of the stage. The minute I stepped out and sang I realized I had been chasing the wrong dream the hole time. So soon after I gladly put down my tennis racquets and picked up a guitar. A $70 Ashton from an Ahston sale great little thing did the job quite well…..... Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are wrong or that you can’t chase them because it’s too hard or to out of reach. The inability to think beyond the basic 9-5 is a disability in itself. You don’t always get what you want but half the fun is just in trying, so that’s what I’m here doing.. well I better be off before you guys get too bored but I would love to see some of you at my gigs when I get more ill post them up ? Remember if you “believe in the power of believing” you cant go wrong…. xoxoxoxox Renee

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