Showbread is a Christian, American rock band originating in Guyton, Georgia. They formed in 1997. The band has gone through numerous lineup changes since its formation but maintains its two founding members, Josh Dies and Patrick Porter. Dies being the primary songwriter and creative director behind Showbread, they have yet to change stylistically because of a difference in lineup. The band had two full time vocalists until Ivory Mobley's departure in 2007. Josh Dies is also the author of "The Spinal Cord Perception," "The Insect," and "Nevada". Showbread gained media attention when, in 2006, a fan made video for the song “Dead By Dawn” was featured on YouTube. The video was seen by the band and posted on their own site, giving rise to controversy over Showbread's lyrical themes. According to former guitarist Matt Davis, the band's name comes from "a biblical reference that Jesus used to show how Christianity isn't so much about rules but about love."

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