Skyforger is a heavy metal band from Latvia which was formed in 1995 out of the remains of doom metal band Grindmaster Dead. Most of their songs are about pagan gods and warfare; they also play traditional Latvian folk songs and metal covers. Although Skyforger is known for their folk metal, their style on their demo Semigall's Warchant is essentially black metal. The band also has performed and recorded a number of folk songs, including the entirety of their fourth album Zobena Dziesma (Swordsong), released in 2003. Folk elements can be found on all of their albums. In December 2005, during the presentation of their latest album, Semigalls' Warchant (2005), the band announced their next album would be an experimentation with thrash metal. They later pointed out that Latvian history still has enough untold stories, meaning their lyrics will probably retain their folk/pagan fashion. In 2010 band signed with Metal Blade Records and released their newest studio album Kurbads.

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MUZICA / Skyforger

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