Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones was born in Birmingham, England, where he has lived ever since. At the age of five he began playing musical instruments by ear and found he had an overwhelming tendency to improvise in any style and to 'jazz things up'. His parents arranged classical training for him from the age of nine and by the age of twelve he was playing piano semi-professionally in clubs alongside such names as Lenny Henry. In addition to this Stuart was always composing tunes using a technique called 'Instant Emotional Composition' and from school he went straight into music, professionally. Since then he has written and recorded numerous albums in all styles including Classical, Jazz, Dance, Pop-Funk, New Age, Experimental and a genre called ‘Piano Speed Funk’. His acoustic piano speed funk is well known on having amassed millions of viewings and complimentary comments. This has lead to live concerts all across America, France, Holland and Britain. By sharp contrast his soothing, ultimately mellow, heartfelt melodies are equally as popular on these video services. Twenty-five of his albums are published and released in over fifty countries. He believes that music can affect your mental and physical wellbeing and much of his work is dedicated to improving the quality of peoples' lives through his mood music. When composing, he simply hits the record button and plays his emotions on piano. These are often the finished product and he just adds orchestration to complete.

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