T-Max (티 맥스), stylized as T-MAX, T-Max is South Korean group under Planet905 Entertainment, formerly called as 2Step entertainment. T-Max is made from ‘Triple, Trinity’ and such which contains 3 meaning in the word’s first alphabet T. And will present the energy and talent till Max form phrase ’3 perfect group and their dominance ‘ that’s forms the team. It is supposed to be the South Korean version of Japanese group Arashi. It has a five-member, four are active include Shin Min Chul, Park Yun Hwa, Kim Hyung Jun (also known as Kim Joon, Park Han Bi & Joo Chan Yang. Lately it was revealed that the 24-year old Yun Hwa has decided to join the army sometime in the year 2010 instead of waiting until he is 29-years-old, which is what most male entertainers in the entertainment industry do.

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