Takfarinas (born Ḥsen [Hassen] Zermani in Algiers, Algeria) is the stage name of an Algerian Kabyle Yal musician who was born in 1958. Takfarinas took his surname from the ancient warrior of North Africa Tacfarinas who fought against the presence of the Romans in Algeria. Since 1979 Takfarinas has lived in France. However, his songs promote and celebrate the Kabyle culture into which he was born. Takfarinas is perhaps best known for his voice which covers a wide range and the 'takfa' which is based on a traditional lute like instrument which he has modified by adding a second neck. Each neck provides a distinct sound, one neck is feminine and the other masculine. Nowadays the takfa has been replaced by an electric half-drum mandole. Like the takfa this has two fingerboards. The advantage of this new instrument is that it is able to create the large concert sound which he now needs.

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