The Blanche Hudson Weekend

The Blanche Hudson Weekend is a UK-based indie band, originating from Leeds and formed in 2009. The band is named after the fictional character portrayed by Joan Crawford in the 1966 film Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?, which itself is based on the Henry Farrell novel of the same name. The band was formed by Darren Lockwood and Caroline McChrystal after the split of their former band the Manhattan Love Suicides in July 2009. Allmusic's Margaret Reges described the band as "[...]a twee pop outfit whose blissfully buzzy, girl group-influenced tunes drew heavily from seminal twee pop acts like the Shop Assistants, Dolly Mixture, and Talulah Gosh", and the band have cited the British indie pop band The Primitives as an influence.

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MUZICA / The Blanche Hudson Weekend

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