The Caesars

The Caesars is a Swedish alternative rock band. They may be best known for the song "Jerk It Out", which was originally featured in the snowboarding video Afterbang in 2002 and later appeared in an iPod advertisement in 2005, as well as the Electronic Arts video games SSX 3 and FIFA Football 2004, also known as FIFA Soccer 2004 and on the PlayStation 2 game LMA Manager 2005, and arcade game Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova. Band member Joakim Ahlund is also a founding member of the Teddybears. The band employs several techniques in all of their songs: heavily distorted vocals, guitars, and, where applicable, a synth organ. This affords them a very "old-school" feel in stark contrast to their crisp basslines.

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MUZICA / The Caesars

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