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The Lady Tigra

The Lady Tigra

THE LADY TIGRA The Lady Tigra was one of the original members of L'Trimm--one of hip-hop's earliest, sassiest, and most influential female duos (with fellow rapper Bunny D). The L'Trimm sound influenced everyone from Peaches to Fannypack to Gwen Stefani. The girls busted out of the Miami Bass movement and are best known for the infectious "Cars With The Boom," an ode to sub-woofers. The bouncy rap glorified the sub-woofer culture and snuck onto the Billboard charts. Having three albums recorded before their 21st birthdays, L'Trimm was voted by Source Magazine as "Hip-Hop Goddesses." After disappearing from the music scene, The Lady Tigra returns with a new album under her arm Please Mr. Boombox and control of her music.

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